Choosing your stance and always coming back to it can help you grow in that direction and help you be seen as you want to be seen.

Most people reading this probably stand for something. To be honest, I’m still figuring out much of my own stance. But, I think there are three qualities that always seem to rise to the top to convey to others in your stance.

Three qualities (I find them hard to define so I use multiple labels) that I think do service to yourself (and your cause) are to stand as someone who is:

  1. Open/Curious
  2. Positive/Energetic
  3. Confident/Believer

Someone like this shows up to me as having a clear vision (confident) that they can communicate. They can deliver this message with positive energy that also imbues listeners with that energy. Further, they seek new information to keep informed of changes and they are willing to change (open) to stay on the best path.

This maybe sounds obvious; but, it’s worth remember these three (or your own) short-list, because especially in key moments, e.g. interviews, debating decisions as a group, one on ones, one often doesn’t come across as intended — not in line with what you stand for. It’s hard to be seen as you intend to. So keeping a simple and short list can help a lot. So, how often do you convey your best-self to others so that they perceive your best intentions? It probably varies.

In that variance is opportunity to improve. Every day is a roller coaster, full of ups and downs, which I prefer over the boring merry-go-round anyway. Importantly, you get to choose both how you stand and what you focus on… do you focus on the good that you did, the bad, or just average it out (it was fine)? Remember, what you focus on gets bigger, so choose wisely.

I continue to work on my stance, but having a few keys to come back to helps me grow in the direction I want and be seen more clearly.

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