Create slack so you can engage more

Our culture has shifted to value engaging in cheap or easy entertainment over learning and spending time with our communities, why?

We engage less because we are tired.
We are tired because we work too hard.
We work too hard because we want more.
We want more because we feel something is missing.
We feel something is missing because we don’t have community.

When we know we are worthy and have enough already, we can create slack.
With enough and with slack, how would our culture change? More time.

Less cheap or easy entertainment / fear mongering news
More learning
Less stress
More community
Less people missing something
Less people working too hard
More engagement


*Some people may not actually have enough, but a lot of us do and don’t realize it or waste it. The point isn’t that anyone is bad or lazy, we’ve made a bad system — and we can change it. All the hard work hasn’t got us what we wanted — it’s not the answer.

Coach. Leader. Manager. Passionate about helping people. Curious about problems, especially customer. Create environments for delivering software people love.

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