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I love building great software because we explore the unknown. There is a vast amount of space we have yet to explore. Problems we are only starting to comprehend and solutions nobody has dreamt of, yet. It is marvelous that we all get to be pioneers and explorers (with less chance of disease than previous times).

We explore to learn something we could never see or know from where we stand today. How do you find out what “you don’t-know you don’t-know”? Well, if you don’t know what to google, you will have to explore. Exploring is something I find captivating.

As most of us know today, the world is spherical. About 500 years ago, most people were positive the world was flat. Until they knew it wasn’t. Thanks explorers! And, still, we have similar problems in human thinking when building technology today.

In technology, we are often positive our customers’ value a specific feature, until they don’t. Blackberry banked on the value of a physical keyboard and why not? All their customers told them they loved it and would stay, until they didn’t. Have you ever been in a software planning meeting where everyone was sure you had the right path? Then, in a few days there was a new plan? Likely, yes, you have. Usually, it can be only one detail outside your scope (stuck in an echo chamber) and it changes everything.

Nobody is wrong in the moment of these decisions and statements of knowing. It’s natural, “you only know what you know”, until you explore new areas of knowledge. The solution is to take an approach to always explore. It is a fantastic and exciting way to achieve a more complete picture, build what your market values, and deliver solutions exceeding everyone else.

Coach. Leader. Manager. Passionate about helping people. Curious about problems, especially customer. Create environments for delivering software people love.

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