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  • Gavin Maguire

    Gavin Maguire

    Product Designer

  • Luis Espinal

    Luis Espinal

    Product Manager | User Advocate. Coffee addict, Internet and tech enthusiast. Founder of the SurreyCodes community. Industrial Engineer by profession.

  • Medeo


    Medeo is an innovative digital health technology used by healthcare providers to deliver virtual care to patients through video visits and secure messaging.

  • Andrej Dragisic

    Andrej Dragisic

    Product Designer & Product Manager www.andrejdragisic.com

  • Olivia Bell

    Olivia Bell

    Digital ingénue, Star Wars savant and cereal connoisseur.

  • Davide Zilioli

    Davide Zilioli

    Cloud Operations @builddirect

  • Su-Laine Yeo Brodsky

    Su-Laine Yeo Brodsky

    Software user experience designer, Wikipedian, hike organizer, bike advocate, interdisciplinarian. Mom to sweet toddler, ♥ to @ddbrodsky.

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