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  • Steve Yegge

    Steve Yegge

    Steve Yegge is ex-Geoworks, ex-Amazon, ex-Google, and ex-Grab, with nearly 30 years of tech industry experience. Nowadays he’s pretty much retired.

  • Maggie Caspar

    Maggie Caspar

    Exploring the intersection between tech, empathy, psychology, and design. Product Manager @ CTO.ai

  • Stella Miranda

    Stella Miranda

    Software Engineer | Co-organizer of @RubyConfCo and @RailsGirlsBog

  • Mark Hazlett

    Mark Hazlett

    Product Manager @ Segment.com. Co-Author of metricsacademy.com. Previously Clio, Goodbits, Expedia and iStock.

  • Olivia Bell

    Olivia Bell

    Digital ingénue, Star Wars savant and cereal connoisseur.

  • Paula


    Actress, Reader, Wino, Friend. Owner of Straight Arrow Co

  • WIRED Gadget Lab

    WIRED Gadget Lab

    Your gadgets and how you use them. News and views from http://Wired.com

  • Tim Smalley

    Tim Smalley

    I’m a professional photographer, specialising in property & interiors and portraits. I also photograph woodland and nature.

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