Note: originally written and shared in my ProductBC community last Christmas, but I felt the need to share this message about ethics in business more broadly today.

As I do every Christmas, I watched George Bailey struggle to maintain his business based on good values, but low/no profit. Whereas the savvy businessman Mr. Potter made a whole lot of profit, providing services that were profitable, but low on values — often profit coming from taking advantage of those less privileged.

Of course, the wonderful lesson of this story isn’t focused on running a successful business… nevertheless, what could this story teach us about our own Products and Businesses?

As we plan for 2020, I imagine we can all do better ethically. Read this post and gain some inspiration from Seth Godin.

What do you think about the business viability of the most important KPI/objective being ethical?

Is it too much of a dream?

Can everyone do it? Who can/can’t?

There are a few examples like Patagonia. But, this seems hard for any public company or even for most investors/boards to support.

I’m a dreamer to a fault — but, it’s not too much of a dream, we can all do it.

Merry Christmas everyone!

[Spoiler alert]

In an alternate history, one where George’s company does not exist — only the profit hungry Potter exists. The resulting town of Potterville seems a lot like what we’ve created in our world today.

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