The software development world has changed a lot since the Agile Manifesto was written in 2001. It’s important to remember what was missing for many and how Agile aimed to solve it.

These were never new ideas. Rather a codification of principles and values that have proven to be successful over time and our profoundly human.

Works for Customers (Delivery)

We are here to deliver customer value. We can best deliver by being able to respond to change.

To respond to change we need to have the psychological safety and process capability to do so.

To have safety and suitable process we need to approach problems with the whole team in it together.

Works for People (Motivation)

As builders, we get fulfillment from our impact in the world and connection to what we create.

We choose software as our tool to deliver on purpose. To sustain continuous delivery, we need to be healthy doing it.

To be healthy, we need environments where we are in control, feel capable, and learn.

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